SHREDZ Fitness

Unleash the animal within you and become the best possible version of yourself

SHREDZ Coaching: A No Nonsense Approach

The SHREDZ training approach is centered around no nonsense, tried and tested methods for improving your quality of life, enhancing your physical capabilities and achieving a bulletproof physique. Your plan is tailored specifically to you and your goals, providing the sustainability and accountability required to unleash the animal within you and become the best possible version of yourself.

What Is Included

  • Personalised training programme tailored to you and your goals
  • Your preferred method of tailored nutritional support (set/flexi plans)
  • Body stat & training progress tracking
  • Exercise video bank with key technique points
  • Exercise technique coaching via video analysis if required
  • Access to coaching app with all data stored in personal profile
  • Weekly check-in call (optional)
  • Access to community forum
  • Regular community challenges (participation optional)

SHREDZ Coaching: Frequently Asked Questions

I am often asked a variety of questions from clients before they embark on their trans-formative pathway toward a stronger, healthier version of themselves. I have listed a few of the most common questions which relate to – meals, nutrition, gym membership, exercise form, training duration and calisthenics. Additionally, you can get in touch if you have additional questions via our contact page.

Will I need to eat bland repetitive meals?
No! Your nutrition plan will be designed to have as much variety as possible, making it sustainable while still allowing you to progress towards your goal.

Will I constantly feel hungry if trying to lose weight?
Ideally not. Your nutrition plan will be designed to satisfy your hunger as much as possible while still allowing you to maintain consistent fat loss. Of course, this is dependent on how lean you want to be and how long your dieting phase lasts as it is almost impossible to avoid hunger as you get closer to your maximum leanness.

How will I know if I am doing the exercises properly?
You will have access to an in app video bank containing every exercise that may be in your programme, demonstrated by David and including key coaching points. If after watching the demonstration video you are still unsure how to perform the exercise a video of your attempt can be uploaded for analysis and further coaching during your weekly check-in.

Are your coaching methods based around calisthenics training?
Only if your goal is to learn calisthenics. Your programme will be designed to help you best achieve your goals. If those goals do not revolve around calisthenics then there will be no need to base your programme on that training style.

How do I end my subscription when I’ve reached my goal?
Ending your subscription is easy! Once you have reached your goal and feel you can continue with your new lifestyle changes, simply notify David via the in app messenger and cancel your standing order. Or set yourself new goals and challenge yourself even further!

Will my plan be designed specifically for me?
Yes. Your plan will be fully designed based on your body, your goals and your preferences with alterations made whenever necessary to keep you progressing optimally.

Do you train both men and women?
Yes, I help both men and women achieve their goals using similar methods which can vary on a case by case basis.

How many days per week do I need to train?
The best programme is the one you can stick to and make consistent progress so training frequency will vary depending on a few factors such as your goals, current fitness level, training response and availability.

Do I need a gym membership to be coached by you?
A gym membership is not essential to get in shape with SHREDZ coaching. However, having access to gym equipment will allow you to progress faster and reach higher heights.

Do you train beginners?
Yes people with all levels of experience from complete beginners to professional athletes can and have benefited from SHREDZ coaching.

Will I feel better mentally?
Almost certainly! One of the most common benefits reported by people participating in a SHREDZ programme is an improvement in their mind-set and attitude towards their body, health, training and life.

I am new to the gym. Can I learn calisthenics?
Having a good level of strength and body composition is advised before shifting towards calisthenics training. However, the basic skills required to progress in the discipline can be included in the majority of programmes. Calisthenics training requires lots of time and patience so this type of training is programmed differently than a standard strength and conditioning programme.